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. . . if you think donuts sit way atop the list of comfort foods. But can’t go to the store right now? Paula Deen says you don’t have to. Tap into her “How to Make Doughnuts at Home” feature and turn out some beautiful glazed rounds that she tops with sprinkles – but guessing CS-ers may have some ideas of their own.

And we don’t have to stop there.

AllRecipes offers a way to turn jelly sandwiches into jelly donuts. What fun! If you do use the link below and go onto their site, you might also want look into their jelly donut cupcakes.

Many cultures have their own versions of filled donuts, often looking like what some of us call bismarcks. This is what Wikipedia has to say and it includes quite the “linkfest”. . .

jelly, or jam doughnut is a doughnut filled with jam filling. Varieties include the German BerlinerAustraliaBritain and Nigeria‘s jam doughnuts, sufganiyot from Israel, and the jelly-filled doughnuts sold in the United States and CanadaJapanese anpan are similar to the Berliner, except they contain red bean pasteKrafne from Southern Europe also include a jelly-filled variety. In Italybomboloni are popular. Bavaria and Austria also have a jelly doughnut known as Krapfen that is typically filled with apricot jam and topped with powdered sugar.

One more thing to consider. I’ve found that almost any cake or sweet bread {date nut, e.g.} batter can be spooned into donut pans and baked, usually about 10 minutes {like mine shown here}.  A great way to use up extra batter.

Next week – Chicken Pepperoni Parmesan

Deen’s donut recipe    AllRecipes jelly donuts


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  In our 04.24.20 Salon we suggested adding another dimension to phone visits with a libation tied to the time of day – morning coffee, afternoon tea, cocktail hour sip, evening cocoa. Washington Post food pro Mary Beth Albright has upped the ante with her suggestion of a Zoom-powered cocktail party {more about her in the next item}. And now Walmart has taken the idea all the way to hosting a virtual dinner party. Truth be told it was a little short on details but maybe all “guests” could make the same dish from a recipe the host provided, which could be one of these menu ideas that was included in the Walmart entry.

  Albright hosts online cooking demos, free to all. Called the “Quarantine Cooking Show,” it’s very much in tune with the times. Given that ingredients can be hard to find, she tends to concentrate on what’s likely on hand, also noting possible substitutes or even when you can simply leave something out. One of her comments sets the tone for all the shows: “You take what you have on hand and make something great.” As you can guess from the reference above it’s not always about food. For her virtual cocktail party she made Quarantinis.

  Did you know the Feeding America site has a search window where you can check for food banks near you? Tap into this resource if you are in need – of if you possibly can, donate even a couple of non-perishables since most of them are suffering great shortages right now as they try to help others. All of their scores at CharityNavigator are in the 90s.

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