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Misty shows you what you’ll find in this week’s salon

  TIDBITS – awesome eye of round / a sheet of cookies / some human food = good doggie treats    CS MARKETPLACE SPOTLIGHT – bye bye pounds    FEATURED RECIPE – wait till you see    TIP – ham, let us count the ways    THE WEEK – chicken tenders “cordon bleu” / easy Mex salad / Mother Sauce book t.c.

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Newsy, schmoozy stuff for cooks 

  In case you didn’t see this on Food Network – a beautiful eye of round prepped by Jeff Mauro on The Kitchen. I love this cut of meat, but his version including a savory dry rub looks like it would take it to a whole new level and can’t wait to try it. Here’s the recipe in case you would like to give it a go too. The page also has a demo.

  The sheet pan moves into the cookie realm. In this case, sugar cookies. The beauty of this kind of cookie is while it’s great tasting on its own, it’s also a blank canvas for all kinds of flavors and decorations. And the beauty of this method is that you can skip a whole bunch of steps. Thanks Food 52!

  Who’s a good boy! Or girl! And who wants a treat??? {Btw, I just love that commercial where the guy says to his dog, Do you want to eat, Do you want to eat, over and over – and finally the dog says, Tomorrow night let’s just assume I want to eat!!!} So, Southern Living knows our four footed good boys and girls like treats and has compiled a list of people food that dogs can not only have but that they say is actually good for them. Also some no-no’s.


OH ! OH !

Have extra holiday pounds now overstaying their welcome? Help is here!

My very own Dieter’s Survival Guide series gives you ways to deal with all those everyday situations that try to add more pounds or keep you from shedding the ones you want gone. Some quite tasty.

There is a full-story version but these days most folks prefer quicker access and that’s available in the “The Busy Person’s Diet Guide,” including all the information of the original but in fast-read form.

You can see the full series, available on Amazon, in our CS Marketplace, .99-$2.99.

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Did you resolve to buff up your cooking game?

Well hooray, here you go. Ina Garten just may have given us the book we’ve all been waiting for.Cook Like a Pro: Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks

Pro results for  the full spectrum of “am” cooks, from gourmet level to “Is this one the frying pan?” Here you’ll find how to taste, season, plate, arrange a bar, measure, test for doneness, cut, bake, prep, make stock, time, substitute – like a pro.

And . . . pro results without complex recipes. So, about our Feature. If I had ‘fessed up in the headline that these are cauliflower toasts, would you have clicked past so fast your screen would have spun??? But just look at these . . . in addition to the title veggie there’s prosciutto, three kinds of cheese, chives, seasonings and a touch of spice. Pretty easy too. Thanks “Barefoot Contessa.”

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CS page of cooking substitutions on this site


Still have leftover holiday ham in the freezer?

You probably already know some tasty ways to use it up. But, just in case you would like a few more ideas, here’s Tasting Table at your service with a trio of dishes that can take that porky delight into whole new realms. All pretty easy too.

Transforming ham leftovers


Where we talk cooking and other salon-y subjects

  Well this was darn good. And, cheers, it starts with store bought chicken tenders. Here’s what I did – melted butter in a skillet over med-lo heat, split the tenders length wise and placed cut side down in the hot butter for just about a minute, then turned over and topped each pair with two slices of Swiss and two slices folded in half of thinly sliced ham. Covered just until cheese had melted enough to hang onto the ham, then flipped over, covered again till all heated through. Poured the butter over the servings.

  In addition to the restaurant clone Mexican salad we talked about in last week’s salon, there’s another I like to make that’s pretty darn good. In fact at one get-together after four of us had seconds, one of the guests went and picked up the platter and proceeded to finish it off by herself – didn’t ask if anyone else wanted more because I think she didn’t want to risk the answer.

  So, it’s sliced avocados drizzled with ranch {could substitute stirred sour cream}, topped with chopped red pepper, green onion and black olives black sliced olives.

  Years ago I clipped a recipe for a potato casserole and not only has it been a go-to dish ever since, but in more recent times I’ve started using a version of the sauce – now called my own personal Mother Sauce – for other preps. Later this year I’m going to round up all these tasty dishes into a Kindle book. I hope you’ll like it.

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So far next week: wine cooler guide, salad as finger food, my version of butternut squash sauce, speedy mac & cheese

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