Disney’s Cookies & Cream Bread Pudding, May 1-May 7, 2020

Hosted by Barbara J Nosek

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Hooray, Disney shares parks’ restaurant favorites

I saw a flash on my Echo Show about Disney’s recipe for cookie fries. Not sure if it implied this or if I just drew the conclusion but I thought the company was taking this step because we can’t go to the parks for their notable dishes.

But after tracking it down, I discovered that the “Disney Parks Blog” has been publishing its recipes for quite some time. You can find the cookie fries there too, which actually are clever cookie “bakes” that look like fries.

But our comfort “foodar” took us at warp speed to the Cookies & Cream Bread Pudding. It leans classic with a loaf of Italian bread among the ingredients which, though, has to share the spotlight with chocolate sandwich cookies along with extra vanilla and {fair warning} a whole lot of half and half. The topping only makes this rich dessert . . . richer.

Btw, you’re likely not serving this to a crowd and consequently will have some of the sweetened condensed milk left after using it as part of the topping. Hit the last link below to see what google has to suggest for the rest of it.

Recipe notes: While their topping looked quite good, I opted for chocolate sauce and sour cream. That other picture? Used some of the mix to make donuts and muffins, and those I dusted with powdered sugar – you’d still actually want to serve these fun shapes warm like regular bread pudding.

Next week: Homemade donuts, glazed, jelly and more

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♦  Truth be told, though box mix brownies can’t really compete with good homemade, most are pretty decent. But if there were a way to “Make Boxed Brownies Taste Homemade” we’d probably take a look, right? Have at it, because there’s not just one but four ways to do this. Hey, why not use even more than one???

  This is a surprise to me but credible sources say even in the age of the coronavirus, the best way of cleaning produce is simply with running water, and maybe a clean brush for items with sturdy exteriors. And they further specifically advise against soap or other household cleaning products. Did not see anything one way or the other about vinegar. Here are two of the articles I found that cite entities we should be able to trust.  Huffpost   USAToday  Photo by Gila Brand at en.wikipedia

  Chances are pretty good a whole lot of us have a can, or two, or more, of tuna in the pantry. It’s a classic star in a salad and casserole. But here comes MyRecipes with “Three Deliciously Creative Ways” that may be new to you. 1} tonnato sauce, typically used on cooked veggies or as a dip for raw ones. 2} rillettes, a creamy meaty spread, and 3} a tuna version of a crispy crab cake. The can opener is calling you.

  With a nod to our stay at home way of life right now, someone in our Nextdoor group said he needed to start practicing social distancing from the refrigerator.

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