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So many priceless expressions – think she practices

The FoodieCat in pix

{“If you don’t mind, could I have some of that”} – loves it all, meat {bacon!}, fish {tuna!}, shrimp, lobster, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, buttered toast, scrambled eggs, french fries, stuffing – oh yeah, cat food too – doing just great for a senior “kitizen.” 





Never mind fixing my supper – I’ve got this




“I love to play – not with actual cat toys of course”





“This shines just for me, right?”





“Did I smell bacon . . . better be after I interrupted my nap”





“If there isn’t any bacon, I’m heading back down to the cat cave”







{7 seconds later} See ya






“Oh yum, waffle, should have saved some bacon {yeah, right}”





17, phooey, I can still knock the stuffing out of this toy”




“Ummm, thought maybe you couldn’t see me at the side, is that tuna???”




Yes, as a matter of fact I do like scrambled eggs.”




“Is that a hot dog??? Ah darn it, mustard again.”




“Excuse me but has anyone noticed my napkin is EMPTY”




“No idea how this toy landed on the floor.”




“Oh man, shouldn’t have taken that last hit of ‘nip.




“After I finish the cheese, you can have the chip”




“Darn thing just fell off the hook, and, uh, no food, just recycling.”




“Hate it when a piece of french fry escapes!”




“Does this pose make me look fat???”




“Don’t care if it’s bacon, not eating the burnt ends {outta here}”




“Hey, I think that birdie wants me to come out and play.”




“I just might’ve had too much supper.”




“Ready for my close-up – profile of course – I  mean c’mon just look at this.”



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