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I don’t allow comments directly onto the site and those of you with websites or blogs sure know why.

But . . . I also don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with CooksSalon friends!

So, please feel free to contact me right here {bjnosek@gmail.com}

Be sure to enter CooksSalon in the subject line.


Sign your message the way you would want to be identified in CooksSalon if I use it there.

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I’ve been a food and entertainment writer in Las Vegas since the 90s, for local, national, international and online publications. Other subjects have entered my realm during that time, but the main focus has always been food. I attribute much of my enthusiastic palate to the city where I was born and raised, and that would be Chicago, home to first class fast food, ethnic cuisine and fine dining.

I do throw the occasional large party but more often it’s little gatherings that our group has come to call “salons,” where we eat, drink, talk, and tap our toes to lively music. Everyone just has a good relaxed time together, and that’s the same spirit I want to bring to this salon.

I look forward to visiting with you every week. And also of course to hearing your “chat.”


Every session usually includes lots and lots of links to various resources. I want you to know that I do have affiliate associations with Amazon, SunFrog and Zazzle, where I link to my own products and others. As a matter of course, for the “others” I will typically send you to the page where the individual product or the category of products will display ratings of four stars and up.

I also often link to sources where I have no affiliation. In these cases, though I can offer no guarantees, to the best of my knowledge they are reputable companies that stand behind their products.

In all instances, the transaction becomes strictly between the direct buyer and direct seller. Of course I would appreciate knowing if you ever have an issue with any seller that was accessed through one of the links on CooksSalon, and though my role ends with listing the resource, if I can help I surely will.