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♦♦♦  So we did a different version of last week’s breakfast pizza boats, using hollowed out bolillos instead of pizza dough.  I first layered a mozzarella and cheddar mix, then some marinara along with garlic salt and Italian seasoning, then pepperoni, then topped with more cheese mix. Into the toaster oven at 375 just until the cheese melted and the roll had crisped a bit. Check after 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile cook the eggs. For an evening version I used the same idea, just replacing the pepperoni with Italian sausage cooked with onion and green pepper, skipping the egg, and cutting into snack size pieces. Btw, used lots of cheese so they’re nice and sturdy{or, any excuse will do}.  CS

You could certainly substitute any boat-y shaped rolls for the bolillos, say sandwich or hoagie rolls. Or go round and just don’t call them boats. Rafts maybe. 😁

Pizza cookbooks, 4 stars & up

♦♦♦  Could this be among summer’s most refreshing drinks? Maybe you’ve already heard of a Shandy? I had not, but now know it’s basically beer, lemonade and fresh lemon, and has British origins. What I like about the linked one above is that it gives you the classic prep including what beers are generally used, and then five international variations. Any I think would be happy beside those pizza boats. Cheers!  thekitchn

All over Shandyland on google

Beer & Food Matching Chart from Brewers Association

♦♦♦  The loaded tater casserole we featured in our 05.20.22 Salon is not only a crowd pleaser but also a crowd filler which is to say it makes A LOT. But that can be quite good news for the next morning and maybe even the next one after that. May we present Exhibits A & B. Topped with a poached egg. And, turned into extra flavorful potato pancakes, based on your own recipe or one of those in the link below. All you creative CS-ers will likely find other ways too, always ready to make leftovers sing a tasty new tune.  CS

Potato pancake recipes on google

♦♦♦  Do you fret about what wine glasses to use? This can make it easy as can be. “If it holds wine . . . it’s a wine glass” – from a current Woodbridge commercial

And the sheer variety of wine glass styles on Amazon sort of verifies that

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