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♦♦♦  I was so happy to find Molly Yeh’s technique for filling roll-ups that makes the process so much easier. By spreading the ingredients on dough and then cutting wedges to be rolled, all the filling is done at once and distributed evenly vs parceling out individually for each piece. In her prep & demo, which we featured in our 03.25.22 Salon, the roll-up was spinach and feta on pie dough. We decided to go brunchy {and no-cook} with smoked salmon, onion & chive cream cheese, red onion, capers, and a sprinkling of dillweed on a slightly softened burrito size tortilla.  CS

Tip: It’s a good idea to do this as close as possible to service so the tortilla stays dry

Molly Yeh’s “Girl Meets Farm” show on Food Network

Molly Yeh cookbooks

♦♦♦   That sunshiny brightness, the tongue-tickling bubbles, the graceful glasses, all make Champagne and orange juice a pluperfect brunch choice. But turns out even here, pairing counts. Or at least that’s the premise of this guide to “9 Champagnes That Are Perfect for Mimosas.” Mixing tips too. And if someone wants to skip the juice? Says here these sparklers are ready to step up to that job too.  F&W The Wine List

MyRecipes tests grocery store orange juices

♦♦♦  You probably want to set out hand wipes for this one. It’s Bobby Flay’s  Pecan Pie Monkey Bread. The  classic pull-apart sweet treat is smacked with the famed Flay favor punch, here taking shape as rich caramel and chopped pecans over and between a double layer of sugary, cinnamon-y homemade rolls.   Food Network via Alexa

Bobby Flay’s show on Food Network

Flay’s cookbooks

While “from scratch” is always so good, Pillsbury offers this refrigerated biscuit version . . .

“Grands™ Monkey Bread,” a caramel-y pull-apart with walnuts & raisins, shown here

♦♦♦  You just never know where you might come across a recipe, let alone one with a past – in this case giving us the opportunity to dress up our brunch table with a famous salad. The source here is Sharon Gless’ memoir, an Amazon Editors’ Pick, where among other revelations we discover that her maternal grandfather, Neil McCarthy, a high-powered entertainment attorney for top Hollywood luminaries of the times {think Howard Hughes, Lana Turner, Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, et al}, had a salad named after him at the Polo Lounge, a sort of re-imagined Cobb, where it remains on the menu to this day. Heck of a conversation piece.  Amazon

For these individual servings you’ll want to dice everything extra small – also you can either layer the foods as shown on the right, or blend them, left, as is often done with Cobbs, either one then with levels of dressing. 

The Polo Lounge is in the Beverly Hills Hotel, part of the Dorchester Collection

Authentic McCarthy Salad Recipe {& some backstory} from the Dorchester website

Google offers these choices for Brown Derby’s Classic Cobb Salad recipe

“Apparently There Were Complaints” by Sharon Gless

Next week, how Gless’ maternal grandmother made her own mark in the culinary world

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