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♦♦♦  What a tasty, colorful, and refreshing brunch dish. Dining room or patio. Thanks go to Sunny Anderson for this pineapple dish – where the pineapple is the dish – filled to the brim with seasoned rice mixed with the reserved fruit, and then bbq-d shrimp. You want to go deep when hollowing out because this is quite the good load. Sunny says these Shrimp and Rice Pineapple Boats are easy and, yes they are. Thinking some crusty bread and some crisp green raw veggies would be great plate mates.  Food Network

Sunny’s show on Food Network

5 Ways to Tell if a Pineapple is Ripe, from AllRecipes

Other Pineapple Boat recipes on Google

♦♦♦  Make it easy, take it easy. As sundown arrives, the coffeemaker can take a break and make counter space for the Bartesian. The what? Well that becomes clearer when we look at its full name, the Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar. Just insert, select, press and voila, here comes a “craft cocktail.” If you add a carousel you can store the cocktail pods much like Keurig. You’ll see other versions too on the same page.  Amazon

Bartesian capsules & carousels

♦♦♦  Wait! Before you dispense that Bartesian-made cocktail, how about gussying up the glass. And for some new ways to do exactly that look no further than Ritzy Rims, all about salty preps that are spicy, flavorful and some, ummm, pretty unusual. You can perhaps emulate the mixes but for the full experience, probably want to go with the real things from your market or or links in the story or from Amazon {or similar}.

As a heads up, chapulÍn is grasshopper powder, Red Clay is a brand not an ingredient, for black lime see youtube video, and the Hatch one interestingly uses unrefined salt. As a bonus, the article notes, these salts can also snuggy up to roasted vegetables, fish and salads {and I’d think probably etc}.  Food & Wine

Chapulin salt with chili    Red Clay Spicy Margarita Salt    Burlap & Barrel Black Lime

Desert Provisions Hatch Green Chili Salt   Youtube, how black lime is made

♦♦♦   Make it easy, take it easy, again. Serving up such tasty/fun/elegant dishes as Bacon-Green Chile Dutch Baby, Mixed Vegetable Shakshuka, Spinach Goat Cheese Quiche, Baked Eggs in Bread Bowls, Salsa Roasted Potatoes, doesn’t have to take a toll on party day. Nope. They join others in these crowd-feeding “21 Sheet Pan Brunch Dishes.” You’ll also find preps for pancakes, pizza, filled biscuits, and other goodies.  MyRecipes

Sheet pan cookbooks, 4 stars and up

How to clean a sheet pan

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