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♦♦♦  Well who wouldn’t be giving this a woohoo upon finding it on the snack table. Crispy Twisty Bacon. Sunny Anderson made this tempter on a recent episode of The Kitchen, seasoning the tight spirals with brown sugar, thyme, and spices. All you creative CS-ers will likely come up with your own variations. When I saw this I immediately thought of it as perfect for one of our special brunch editions. But then Katie Lee noted it would be great for cocktail hour. Yes!  Food Network

The episode is called, The Kitchen’s Take on Trends

FN page for that episode

Youtube demo with a flip tip    Youtube demo for air fryer

Other Twisted Bacon recipes on google


♦♦♦  We just never know. Valerie Bertinelli, who seemingly just has it all, in fact has dealt with personal struggles pretty much all her life. In her memoir, “Enough Already,” she takes us along on her journey of two progressions. First from Hollywood star to Food Network star. Second, her determined steps toward finally declaring that title.

In her own words, “As I have redefined my relationship with food over the past decade – first with my trip to Italy, then by writing a cookbook, and then with the tv series – I have redefined my life and reconnected with values I consider important.” Btw, recipes too, and we’ll be making her famous chocolate cake when baking season returns.  Amazon

Valerie’s cookbooks

Valerie’s DVDs – fitness, movies, tv

Valerie’s show page on Food Network

♦♦♦   In our 05.27.22 Salon we featured Ocean Spray’s crab, cranberry and cream cheese appetizers, served in mini phyllo shells. Those snacks use such bitsy amounts of ingredients that I had leftover shells, cream cheese, and cranberry too, and decided to put them to use in an easy and pretty dessert plate. For some I beat cranberry and cream cheese till smooth, topped with reserved cranberry. For others I beat the cream cheese with a little juice from mandarin oranges, finished with halves of the mandarins. One important thing to note is that for cream fillings, or similar, you really want to do this as close to service as possible, as the shells can eventually go soft.  CS

Athens, who makes the shells I use has literally a whole book of recipes on their site

Easy, Entertaining Recipes

♦♦♦  Ever have an upside down martini {spilled ones don’t count}? The Who and the What came out in a chat with Bobby Flay on CNN in advance of the network’s special on Julia Child. He was recalling having lunch with Ms Child when she ordered that libation 🍸 and he learned it’s an inversion of the classic ingredients, meaning reversing the measures for gin and vermouth. Now I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure while the next question was being asked he said almost under his breath, 4 or 5 of them. Cheers Julia, hope you’re enjoying a heavenly golden fountain of endless upside down tinis.  Julia Child

It looks like you can watch a rerun of the documentary here

Julia Child books

Bobby Flay’s page on Food Network

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