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♦♦♦  Today’s “catch” has a possibility for each week of the year. This story, Our Best Seafood Recipes {52 in all}, showcases treasures of the sea many of which are appetizer ready, including the one I couldn’t wait to make, the Carolina Seafood Stew, rich with shrimp, fish, aromatic veggies, bold seasonings and . . . okra. ‘Fessing up, in my prep shown here {in 9 oz hot/cold cups}, what might look like okra is actually sliced pickled jalapenos. Also have on my radar the whole fish drizzled with hot ginger-scallion oil which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in Asian restaurants but have yet to make. Might be time.  Food & Wine

Carolina Seafood Stew recipe

Whole Fish Drizzled with Hot Ginger-Scallion Oil recipe

♦♦♦  So I saw in the grocery store Oreo popcorn. There’s a way to upgrade family movie night or a eveningside viewing party. But wait . . . could we make this ourselves? Turns out, yep! Alternatively, some preps that seem similar are called cookies & cream popcorn. It kind of all adds up to Oreo Popcorn, and your choice of ways to make it.  Google

Why stop there???

Flavored popcorn recipes on Google

Popcorn Recipe books, 4-star & up

Prefer the ready-made & delivered to your door?

♦♦♦  Nothing wrong with wine as its own pure self, but can also turn into fun in a glass when it’s transformed into fruity or fizzy or spicy cocktails. In this list of “Wine Cocktails for All Seasons,” I was drawn to the Classic Kir, a longtime personal favorite that may no longer be in the top 10, but its elegance keeps it in style for the long term. Their prep actually does deviate from the classic by serving over ice and in a different kind of glass. Another choice, the Chardonnay-based Sonoma, interestingly taps into something we mentioned in our 04.15.22 Salon, the how & why of using salt or salt water in cocktails, which is exactly what that drink does.  Food & Wine

Classic Kir drink recipe

Sonoma drink recipe

All of them – 20 Tasty Wine Cocktails

♦♦♦  As we all pretty much know, fabulous as French food can be it’s seldom heavy on spicing. Could this be the reason? “We want to have your mouth open to all the flavors” – Dominique, French chef, on Guy’s Grocery Games  Food Network

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