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  Usually when I see a title with “healthy & snack” my first instinct is “pass.” A snack has to make up for limited quantity with maximum comfort. But curiosity won out when the subtitle promised “Smart-choice snacks that will fill you up with goodness.” Some nice stuff here – baked herbed parsnip {love parsnip!} fries with roasted garlic lemon aioli, everything bagel chick peas, blueberry yogurt bark, and dark chocolate almond granola, 11 in all. Worth a look.  From FoodTalkDaily

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 Have you heard of the Adonis cocktail? Vintage indeed, first poured in the mid 1880s. It’s basically sherry and sweet vermouth, with some preps adding in orange bitters or an orange garnish. And some, somewhat roguishly, adding club soda, turning it into an Adonis Spritz. The link takes you to a full page of possibilities, where among the selections you’ll see a youtube entry calling it “a must-try cocktail.” Linked page above on Google

Backstory from    Youtube demo

   For many of us, a snack table just isn’t complete without cheese. But what a bummer when it goes bad in the fridge. Here’s an idea – move it to the freezer. Whaaaaat? This story on freezing cheese tells us which kinds do best and in what form. It also radically suggests still-frozen cheese is a boon for salads. Btw, when it talks about how to do this, note that the guidelines actually apply to all freeze-able cheeses.   From MyRecipes

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  Is this a slam dunk {sorry, and it’s just gets worse below}. You may well know that basketball great Scottie Pippin already has a prize-winning bourbon on the market But here’s the news. He’s now debuting a limited-release Bourbon Barrel Aged Tea. And yes along with a blend of three black teas, there is a whisper of bourbon, low enough though for the sip to still qualify as non-alcoholic. Both bear the name DIGITS. The full story, linked here, about production, flavors and uses is quite interesting.   From Food & Wine

The difference between bourbon & whiskey, also from F&W

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  When do bakers share their secrets? “On a knead the dough basis” {blame Alexa!!!}

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