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  Flying high takes on a whole new meaning as the New Zealand winery Invivo launches what is being called “the worlds first winery airline,”  which will operate within the country. A chartered plane will deliver guests to destination towns where they can enjoy exploration time, an overnight stay, and a visit to origin vineyards.  From Food & Wine

  Shrimp toasts are a’comin {oops, age-busted by a song}. These traditional Asian appetizers are always just so satisfying, and now you can make them at home with a pretty easy process. A whirl in the processor with fairly familiar ingredients, a quick dip in hot oil and voila! Shrimp Toasts. The story calls them a cocktail hour staple.  From

 This quesadilla is actually an encore, originally appearing as a Feature Recipe in CS over a year ago. It’s here partly because it’s a perfect cold weather snack, which it can so easily become with smaller slices and maybe sans the egg. But mostly because it’s just so full of flavor, exactly as you’d expect from a Bobby Flay creation, loaded with bacon, hash browns, onions, peppers, cheese, salsa and chives – and deserved another time in the spotlight. From Food Network site

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  Another round of desserts for everyone. OK, so these boozy confections were posted as holiday treats, but thinking they could make any day a holiday. Among the goodies, Mudslide Pie, Grasshopper Cheesecake, and Rum Truffles. Great for the sweet side of the snack table, many already individual servings, and the rest can be cut down to size. You should be able to scroll down on the site and see all the recipes listed rather than doing the slideshow.  From AllRecipes

  Finish off the season in tasty style with these “16 Best Snacks for Game Day.” Wowsie, 7-layer taco dip, firecracker shrimp with bleu cheese dressing, mini brioche lobster rolls, lots more. Here too, should be able to scroll to full list.  From Food & Wine

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