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Tap into some of this culinary bounty that is an everyday part of Amazon Echo’s offerings – always CS-style recipes, sometimes tips and tidbits too

     Love a big breakfast? Hate big preps when your eyelids are still at half mast? Solved! And in a mighty tasty way. These Reheat-able Breakfast Calzones are hearty too, plump with chorizo, potatoes, onions, peppers & seasonings. The prep list may look scary long, but it’s basically cook the chorizo, then the veggies, stir in seasonings. Roll out store bought dough {or make from recipe provided}, fill and freeze. They reheat right from the freezer. Thinking, to make it even more of an eye opener, swap out the bells for jalapenos or habaneros.  From Food Network

    Have you heard of Banoffee Pie? It’s sort of like banana cream gone wild. In the original English version there’s usually a biscuit base, but this prep calls for a graham cracker crust. Then it goes all caramel-y with a layer of dulce de leche that you make from sweetened condensed milk {or, guess you could just buy a comparable amount of dulce de leche}. Along with some cooling steps, then bananas, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Btw, here’s another place where you would thank an offset spatula {mine from Amazon}.  From Tasty

     Move over potatoes, there’s a new chick in town. More specifically, Hasselback Chicken. The classic technique delivers a mouthful of flavor, as the slots are filled with spinach & ricotta, topped with cheddar and paprika. One thing, you may want to add the cheese later in the process. A tip I learned for anything hasselback is to lay wooden spoons or chopsticks on each side to insure you don’t cut all the way through.  From Tasty

     Promise you won’t run when I mention . . . Chocolate Salami. This confection by Giada is a clever sendup on the deli fave, with buttery chocolate supplying the background and then nuts and crushed biscotti playing the “fat” roles. As a final touch, the whole shebang is rolled in powdered sugar. Yet one more dessert that also serves as a conversation piece.  From Food Network Kitchen

    When Ixipixie, who posted this prep, calls it Hot Corn, you can believe that’s just what it is. And well beyond the warmth of being baked golden in the oven. That other kind of heat is contributed by a full 12 oz jar of jalapenos. Coming to the rescue, somewhat at least, is a lot of cream cheese and cheddar. The descrip says for this family it’s become “a must have for all holidays and special occasions.”  From AllRecipes

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