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Kitchen TalkIn KT in our 11.12.21 Salon we talked about finally adding Gochujang to our seasoning repertoire but noted we’d not yet used it. Not being a big fan of ketchup, always used taco sauce for fries. Now? Gochu is the go-to!      If you need a decadent  treat in a hurry, here you go. Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug. Thanks Food & Wine.      Baking for the holidays? This could be helpful. The article “Don’t Make These Pie Dough Mistakes” from MyRecipes identifies a half dozen ways the process can go bad no matter which technique you use. {I’m trying not to take personal the one that says, Your fat particles are too big.}

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Shopping FindsI just finished a truly pleasant read. Pamela Kelley’s tale of three sisters brought together inside “The Restaurant,” is a love story x 3, revealed by some gems excavated along the way – their Gram’s love secret behind the secret, the subplot for pet lovers, and love of comfort food, including a fish technique. Make that four when you add in the gentle love between the sisters who’ve lived apart for such a long time. Multiple formats, 4 stars on Amazon.   Which salsa to buy? This salsa taste test by MyRecipes gives you the scoop. Most should be at your market, but if not or you just want it delivered to your doorstep there’s a large selection on Amazon.

This week’s featured CS-designed, Zazzle-crafted item – Looking for gifts for cooks? There’s quite a treasure trove for you right here on CS – books, videos, gift cards, and merchandise, all from star power names, and all linked to trusted Amazon or the chef’s own site. Btw, did you know you can give Kindle books as presents using the Buy For Others button? Instant and easy. See it all on our Fine Chefs Book & Gift Shop.

  Featured Recipes 

Pizza Tots

Well these are fun. Mozzarella and pepperoni are wrapped in seasoned hash browns and deep fried to golden crispiness. A nice dip in marinara and the pizza vibe is complete. Demo shows all the steps and details.  From Tasty

Chocolate Lasagna

Really? Well let’s take a look. Cream cheese stands in for ricotta. Chocolate pudding replaces Italian sauce. And admittedly a stretch, chocolate chips top it all instead of Parm. All in all, seems to qualify for the lasagna category, just checking in for dessert rather than main course.  From Southern Living

Bake Sale Winning-est Gooey Oat Bars

Oh CS-ers, these are good. The tender buttery crust is just the tasty start. After baked golden it’s spread with a filling reminiscent of pecan pie but instead of nuts a mix of coconut and other sweet treat goodies, in the case of ours here – chocolate chips, dates, and raisins. Then a final flurry of powdered sugar makes it pretty. As with many baked goods, even better the next day.  From Food Network

Butter Chicken

That star ingredient is magnetic enough, but then add in the wave after wave of flavor contributed by fragrant, maybe even exotic, Indian seasonings. And even so, chances are many of them are already in your pantry and fridge, like onion, garlic, yogurt, brown sugar, canned tomatoes. This is definitely going to hover near the top of my to-make list.  From Food & Wine

Sheet Pan Brunch Dishes

Well this could be a darn welcome resource for the holidays, especially if you have house guests. Generally sheet pan dishes simplify things and the ones here seem to be no exception. Among the preps, giant bacon-green chile Dutch baby, Breakfast disco fries, Ultimate sheet pan eggs {love the descrip!}, Slab quiche, Salsa roasted potatoes, Berry breakfast pizza, 21 in all.  From MyRecipes

   Cocktail Hour Buzz   

Sundowner snacks, drinks, talk – whether for a crew, or for two, or just for you

   Say what? Doing shots after the entree{s}? Turns out it’s a French tradition known as a trou normand. And it’s quite an interesting concept. The link takes you to a story on MyRecipes that pours out the whole story, the what and the why – and what the heck that term even means.

   If you can still find a Oct/Nov 2021 copy of Taste of Home, among the other always fine food features you’ll find one entitled “Wisecrackers,” {sorry could not find a link}, with a “Tasty Ten” ways of dressing up a basic or fancy cracker. Just some of the ideas, Apple butter, white cheddar, pear and sliced toasted almonds. Hummus, green & black olives, garlic, feta, and a drizzle of olive oil. Queso fresco, shredded pork, salsa and jalapeno.

Can’t find it? Just start with any crackers you have and look upon them as blank canvases, just waiting to be turned into little works of art with the help of your fridge and pantry.

  Nothing wrong with some mini desserts on the snack table. Like these! Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake Bites, from AllRecipes. Great holiday flavor. And easy to make right in your muffin tin.

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