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Let’s wine & dine with Alexa   

Tap into some of this culinary bounty that is an everyday part of Amazon Echo’s offerings – always CS-style recipes, sometimes tips and tidbits too

♦  Easy General Tso’s Chicken  Well the ingredient list is a bit long {that can be a good thing when it’s good stuff}, but it’s just 5 steps and a projected prep time of 22 min. Some of the reviewers disputed that time but in total gave this dish 4 stars {4 1/2 on the Alexa page}. Many noted better than take-out and it may well be the charred green beans that can take a bow for that.  From Epicurious

    Easy Apple Fritter Rings  Somebody else is tempting us with that adjective. This time it’s for a nice side dish or snack, which lives up to “easy” with a batter of just ginger ale & flour. There’s no amount given for the flour but this somewhat similar recipe for shrimp & fish, which also looks darn good from Rosemarie’s Kitchen, might suggest about a cup for the apple prep. Good starting point, anyway, and according to one of the comments you want a thin batter. From Tasty

Alexa tip – apples will keep at room temp for a short time, but for longer storage place in a perforated plastic bag, sprinkle with water and then into the coldest area of the fridge

♦  Bistro-Style Short Ribs  Just the briefest glance at what goes into the braising liquid will tell you everything you need to know about how deeply flavored those ribs are going to be. If you don’t have either of the two suggested appliances for browning the meat, I’m thinking you could use the same Dutch Oven they will eventually cook in. This recipe is credited to Tyler Florence, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and can verify he is every bit as personable and charming as he seems.  From Food Network

♦  Carrot Cake Oatmeal  In our 08.06.21 Salon we mentioned German chocolate cake flavors to spruce up oatmeal. Now Alexa has popped up this cakey idea too. And yep, all that confection’s signature stuff is in there. Btw, if you google this recipe you’ll see not only some variations, but as well a do-si-do, which is to say carrot cake made with oatmeal. I’m going to stay with this recipe though because it just looks so good.  From Tasty

  Chocolate Semifreddo  As the name telegraphs and CS-ers probably know, a semifreddo is “half frozen,” and emerges from the freezer somewhat soft. This one is helped along that path by a warm chocolate glaze. It’s quite the festive dessert.  From Tastemade

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