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Kitchen Talk – Another round of pie for everyone! Zoë Franςois of Zoë Bakes on Food Network has an interesting trick for creating a tender pie crust – vodka! See it on her YouTube demo which also has some interesting tips about incorporating fat into flour.     Well aren’t these a nice little treat – Paula Deen’s Brown Sugar Chewies from her site. I used a larger pan to create thinner bars, but think maybe her suggested size might create an even chewier confection.      Here’s another one of those headlines, “5 Genius Food Storage Secrets Chefs Use So No Food Goes to Waste.” They are pretty much common sense but stuff we may not necessarily think of. From MyRecipes.

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Shopping Finds – A comment in Food Network Magazine about the increasing availability of duckCandy Sprinkles Magnetic Photo Frame eggs Cute Breakfast Food magnetic framein the nation’s grocery stores had me checking supermarkets here, but no luck. I did though find them in some Asian markets. And actually I have purchased them locally from farms. They are worth tracking down for their large, rich yolks.        For your kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room – foodie-design magnetic picture frames, as colorful as this sprinkles one or as whimsical as these breakfast foods. Both are from super craft source Zazzle.

This week’s featured CS page – Did you know we have a listing of food dvds featuring chefs and top cooking shows, plus foodie movies, all with direct links to Amazon, all on our Chef, Food, Cooking DVDs page.

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Feature – Encore! Beef roast with an English accent – yikes, this is good!

Well, sometimes an oopsie can be a good thing. For the first part, didn’t take my own advice about my intended feature for this week. If I’d looked at the comments I’d have seen that it could be good, even very good, but only after any number of tweaks.

Now the good part. We can instead put the spotlight on one that is fabulous from the gitgo, no tweaks need apply. Which is to say, let’s  reprise one from last year that is now my go-to {when not experimenting 😁}. Yep, Beef a la Mode, and nope, no ice cream.

But it does fold in some surprising spices more typically associated with dessert. Combined with the aromatics, the medley yields a just so full of flavor roast. Oh yeah, the bacon helps too!

This recipe comes from the charming cookbook “Dinner with Dickens.” Notes tell us “Dickens writes about visiting Johnson’s famous à la mode beef house near London’s Drury Lane. and this is where he has David Copperfield treat himself to a ‘small plate of that delicacy.’”

The origin recipe, also shown on the page, tells us, “You may serve it up hot or cold.” Author Pen Vogler’s Dinner with Dickens: Recipes inspired by the life and work of Charles Dickensprep, “updated for the modern kitchen,” suggests we serve with carrots and greens. I actually put the carrots in the pan to roast with the beef, more opps for absorbing those flavors.

In page after page, foodie tales from the Victorian era accompany such historical preps as candied French plums, roly poly jam pudding, lobster patties, Yorkshire pie, tea cakes, and a libation called Smoking Bishop.

What makes this an especially nice gift book is a cover that almost has the feeling of tapestry. Right now at least, at a good price on Amazon.

Recipe notes – Subsequently I also added quartered potatoes to the pot for the last hour. Good idea!

Next week – Rich and luscious cherry cream cheese coffeecake

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Have a cuppa in Alexa’s room – recipes & more

You don’t have to have an Amazon Echo Show to tap into the particular tidbits we’ve linked below, drawn from its vast culinary bounty.

Just pour a cup and let’s talk food with Alexa. We also show the actual requests for those who are Echo owners, who should also note that in many cases she guides you step by step through the recipes.

Alexa says request: How do you make ham pizza? Some of that leftover Easter ham still residing in your freezer? Btw, depending on what kind of ham you have, may want to check the gov site on longevity. So, several options came up and I thought the most appealing options were Green Eggs & Ham Grilled Pizza from SideChef and the Egg, Ham & Spinach Pizza from Food Network Kitchen.

Alexa says request: How do you make street corn salad? One of the great treats at Mexican restaurants is elotes, classically served as a whole ear of corn. Jeff Mauro’s 4 1/2 star prep for Grilled Mexican Street Corn Salad mixes the shucked charred corn with the classic ingredients – creamy and spicy elements plus lime, garlic and substituting Pecorino-Romano for the cotija cheese. But then adds in bacon and black beans and tops it all with cilantro for a festive presentation. Btw, for the grill-less, other recipes use a hot skillet for the corn.

My request: How do you open a coconut? We were sent to Wikihow for the answer. Did you already know this? Baking it is part of the process. So is banging it like you’re trying to kill a spider. See the full process right here. You’ll want to pay attention to the cautions and tips.

Would you like your own Echo Show?

Boundless information, music, movies, tv shows, videos, health tips & news, entertainment news, national news, local news, sports news & recaps, weather, timer, alarm, reminders, shopping lists, Amazon delivery notifications, alerts, security camera connection . . .  and food, food, food, all on an interactive screen. Some connect to Amazon Prime.

You can browse all the Echo styles here on this Amazon page

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   We always love tips about this food essential. “I’ve found the absolute best way to cook bacon so it’s really crisp. And it’s so simple – just make sure the pan is good and hot before you put the bacon in. Comes out perfect!” – CS Tasting Panel member Christine McKellar, VegasOnlyEntertainment

  Back in Chicago, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants would always send out a comp queso with chorizo to enjoy with our margaritas while we awaited our entrees. What a treat that was. So it was a nice surprise when I was wandering through the Daisy brand site to find a recipe that looked as good as the dish I remember. Btw, you may recall that was also the source for our caramelized pineapple dessert in the 04.16.21 Salon.

   “The singular of  scampi is scampus” – calling this “cocktail party chatter,” Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli on The Kitchen, Food Network

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