Gussied, extra melty, grilled cheese sandwich, July 10-July 16, 2020

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Nothing wrong with classic grilled cheese. The happy harmony of toasted bread and melty cheese is the epitome of comfort food.

But this variation from Eat This Not That!’s best comfort foods in our 05.29.20 Salon is sufficiently removed to be a whole different dishes. For starters, instead of just cheese, the filling is cheese, and, and. With other ingredients that create a whole new extra melty texture.

Two things about that filling. Given the amount of cheese, you might want to increase the pimento, jalapeno and scallions. In fact, “truth in advertising,” I reserved some of each of them to place along the cutline to be sure you would be able to see them.

The other thing. Once you have the cheese mix – cheddar, yogurt, mayo, hot sauce – you could add more stuff, or other stuff entirely. Thinking ham, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, tomato, corn, black beans, nuts, grapes or . . . and . . .

And if you happen to have leftovers, great in or on an enchilada. Or for an extra tasty mac & cheese, and then once again add in at will. Or not. Btw, the recipe page also has a garlicky tomato soup recipe.

Substitutes if needed: regular mayo instead of olive oil mayo, green bell pepper in place of jalapeno, red or white onion in place of scallions.

Next week: Ice Cream Bread {this is a big surprise}



Shopping, cooking, storing, substituting, using up, helping, amusement, health & safety

  CS-ers are quite awesome at avoiding waste. But even now, when there are still times and places where we can’t necessarily rely on being able to readily replace any of our groceries, it’s especially helpful to know how to keep potatoes fresh, including shopping, storage and washing tips. Now, sometimes despite our best efforts those taters can go bad, and this same story gives you those telltale clues that can make clear this has happened.

  Wow, follow this link at your own risk. You might be surprised by that innocent looking box in your pantry that in fact can become any number of Super Moist Cake Mix Recipes. It’s not exactly breaking news that you can turn this Betty Crocker staple into a fine cake in lots of flavors. But there are so many variations – poke cakes, dump cakes, sheets, bundts, a festive rainbow version. And cupcakes and shortcakes and even cone cakes and cake pops.

  But wait, there’s more, coloring outside the lines of the cake category – squares, crisps, trifles, pancakes, breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake. As a nice bonus, also many fun decorating ideas, with this pic from their site being just one example.

  Yet another super helpful guide from, this one citing Eat This Not That! This kind of thing is helpful anytime but now more than ever. In effect you can eat and drink your way to telling disease neener neener when you fill your plates and cups with these “Best Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System.” To your health!

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