Brunch goes Mexi with Chilaquilies, May 22-May 28, 2020

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A skillet full of flavor 

When I was checking the Bush Beans site for dishes that could be created from this ingredient – one of our tips in last week’s Salon – I was rather amazed at just how many I found. But one that just jumped off the page at me was the Chilaquiles recipe, something I’ve had and enjoyed in restaurants.

It’s sort of a cousin to nachos but with the egg component a really nice breakfast or brunch dish. You could even up the egg quotient with a fried or poached eggs on top {and I did, with the leftovers}.

Black beans and the mixed-in eggs are joined in the pan by chips and salsa, and when hot served with onion, cheese, cilantro and sour cream. I made it as the recipe indicated but wondering if their photo doesn’t also show some pinto beans too, which sure couldn’t hurt.

Also couldn’t hurt to add some bacon {and I did} or breakfast sausage into the equation, maybe some avocado on the side {did}. All in all, as is or enhanced, a great combo of flavors and textures.

Oh, how good would these be with a bloody mary???

Substitutions if needed: cream cheese instead of crema, canned diced tomatoes with or without additions instead of salsa, any beans, any onion.

Next week:  secret cookie filling



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  In our 03.27.20 Salon, in the Tidbits section, we showed a link for baking projects to consider if you’re among the many folks spending more time at home. Now Taste of Home has come along with 50+ cooking projects and I think CS-ers will find a lot to love here. Nacho appetizer triangles lead the way, followed by the likes of nutty oven fried chicken, Bavarian pot roast, bbq chicken & apple bread pudding, reuben & rye strata, a burrito bar and several good looking sheet pan dinners.

  Well this could be a fun way to spend some time. The following google link takes you to a list of sources for downloadable  food-themed crossword puzzles. Of course, go only with those you trust and that your security program approves.

  As far as I can tell, Forgotten Harvest operates only in the Detroit area. But I wonder if their proactive program could apply all over the place. They collect food that would have gone to waste and deliver it to organizations that feed the hungry. Of course would want to be sure that food is still good, but if it is, what a phenomenal way to help those in need, and more than ever today.

  Btw while I was on the Bush site checked to see if maybe they had gathered their recipes into a cookbook, but didn’t find one there. Looked on Amazon and didn’t find a Bush one but did find “Bean by Bean” cookbook,”  subtitled, “More than 175 recipes for fresh beans, dried beans, cool beans, hot beans, savory beans, even sweet beans.” Four stars. Cool beans, indeed.


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