Southern shrimp & grits with “bonus soup,” Feb 14-Feb 20, 2020

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Newsy, schmoozy stuff for cooks 

  Another source weighs in on the benefits of eggs. And while pretty much this whole Clean Plates story is contained in the headline, “It turns out an egg a day isn’t so bad for your heart after all,” it goes on to detail the studies and source. Even better, it touts the eggy perks of delivering “a quick dose of protein and flavor to settle hunger in a snap.”

  The same newsletter offers a tasty and colorful take on “7 energizing breakfast recipes to help fuel your week.”  What you’ll find: an overnight oat prep, loaded egg cup, “best” green smoothie, breakfast cookies, breakfast sandwich, and two breakfast bowls. All look and sound quite yum.

  So, was perusing Paula Deen’s latest online newsletter, and don’t know if this is new or just never saw it before, but at the bottom is a link for Ask our Helpline. Looks like you can submit a question right to Deen or her team. Nice.


Ooh, naughty, “Unofficial”!

Guessing no laws were harmed in the preparation of this interesting book of recipes and tales. Meanwhile, what a fun look at history, all about food.

The promise is in the intro. “Indeed while the upstairs elite of Downton may seem miles – rather The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook, Expanded Edition: From Lady Mary's Crab Canapés to Christmas Plum Pudding―More Than 150 Recipes from Upstairs and Downstairsthan feet – away from the downstairs inhabitants, servants and aristocrats alike share a nearly fanatic appreciation for rich food, a fact that quickly becomes apparent once you begin flipping through the “The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook.”

Some of those rich preps: Christmas pudding, beef Wellington, showy Duchess potatoes, scones with clotted cream, and jammy Bakewell tarts. One likely to be featured in an upcoming Salon is red wine braised red cabbage.

Ahhhh, maybe it is a little edgy, as a cover caution notes “This book is unofficial and unauthorized . . . not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Carnival Film & Television Ltd., its writers or producers, or any of its licensees.” Wonder if it arrives in a plain brown wrapper.

“The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook”

now {pretty much} ready for its closeup

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A classic Southern casserole and lots of it 

It doesn’t get much more traditional on the Southern table than shrimp and grits. Grits, whaaaat? OK, hold back your groans for a moment.

When you see the fine flavors in this dish you’ll be thanking the grits for being on the job to soak it all up. It’s rich with cream and cheese, savory with aromatics, kicked up with bacon, “souped up” with wine and broth.

Now, about that soup promise. In the description on the main page: “You’ll want to eat the ‘shrimp gravy,’ or pan sauce. It’s that delicious.”

That main page is titled “Casseroles to make every month in 2020” from Southern Living, a nicely reliable source of good recipes. The prep for the shrimp dish, this month’s selection, is linked below, and we’ll be featuring more from this feature in future Salons.

I haven’t tried this yet and despite the length of my to-make list, this one has a priority stamp on it.

Shrimp & Grits Casserole recipe    Southern Living  


So, why didn’t I already realize this trick 

As noted in a previous Salon, a way to make guacamole in advance is to mix all the ingredients, except sour cream and lime if you usually them. Then, top the mixture with some lime juice and a thin layer of sour cream, making sure to cover the mix completely, and then cover and refrigerate the container.

So recently, and atypically, I had some leftover chopped avocado. Yikes, can’t waste avocado, a permanent member of my personal food pyramid.

Light bulb comes on at 1000 watts overhead. Just like with guacamole, cover it with lime juice, frost it with sour cream, cover and refrigerate.

But here’s the thing. Forgot about it for five days. Nuts!!!

The good news, as you can see, perfect. Just perfect. Thank you lime juice and sour cream.


Welcome to my kitchen and living room

  On a recent show Ree Drummond made a “pig-pickin’ cake.” Eh? If she explained the name I missed it, so found out on good ol’ google that at southern pig roasts, rather than have the meat cut into slices or portions, guests  just pick off what they want, and so the event is known as a pig pickin,’ and typically this particular cake is served for dessert. So just like cake served at a birthday party is birthday cake, this one served at a pig pickin’ is pig pickin’ cake. It really sounds good with layers of yellow cake, mandarin oranges and pineapple plus cream cheese frosting.

  English puddings dating back centuries refer to a steamed or boiled dish, sweet or savory, fairly solid in texture, unlike what we mix from a package. I found this hot, citrusy Punch Sauce for those kinds of puddings in Dinner with Dickens, featured in last week’s Salon. It’s quite well named, counting wine, rum and brandy among the ingredients. I actually found it a little strong and tempered it with some honey.

  I did get a kick out of the note in the cookbook from the Pickwick Papers saying “if ever hot punch did fail to act as a preventive, it was merely because the patient fell into the vulgar error of not taking enough of it.” Here’s a google page for the sauce, and the deliaonline one is very close to the Dickens prep.

  So, my old toaster oven gave up the ghost and so ordered a top-rated one from Hamilton Beach. Yikes, it’s didn’t look this big online, but I’m pretty sure this is going to be a good thing, and as a bonus has a convection function. Did have a few questions though and while I was on hold, among the recorded messages was the news that their website included recipes. Well . . . who among us despite data-pigging files online, bulging boxes, ready-to-burst notebooks, and overstuffed kitchen crannies, doesn’t want yet another recipe source. Wow, way more comprehensive than I expected, more soon.

This week’s

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