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I just love my Amazon Echo Show and as I noted before, was so pleasantly surprised to discover how food-oriented it is. But I realize not everyone has this device, so will be sharing some news, tips, recipes, et al, on a regular basis, starting soon, and on a page right here on our Salon site.

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Newsy, schmoozy stuff for cooks 

  Well, when a so respected food publication like Food & Wine offers up their 40 Best-Ever Recipes, it sort of snags your attention. So much great stuff! Guest-worthy poached eggs in a rich red wine sauce. Says here, ultimate chocolate mousse. Acclaimed Vietnamese chef’s sizzled pancakes with a savory filling. Julia Child’s ham steak in Madeira {she called it “a fast dish for fancy people”}. “Dreamy and homey” Breton butter cake. Star of the cocktail party, Tiki snack mix. And more, more, more.

  C’mon, get app happy. The new Food Network Kitchen app features star chefs cooking in real time in interactive sessions {yes, you can submit questions}, recipes, classes, episode reruns, even says grocery delivery {?} More details at the link just above.

  Oh, a pox on those late night hungries. But, yay, this kind of thing is right in Cooking Light’s wheelhouse. Their listing of Our Six Best Healthy Late-Night Snacks includes options that can fill you up without weighing you down. And if we might also modestly suggest our “Big Snacks and Subs{titutes} Lists,” two chapters excerpted from “Dieter’s Survival Guide” into a stand-alone Kindle book, 99 cents.


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Surf and . . . cheese 

I came across a recipe for seafood au gratin that actually seemed a little short on flavor, but was sufficiently interested in this kind of dish to turn to a source I often rely upon and that’s AllRecipes. Eureka and hooray!

The one featured here is generous with bounty of the sea and with just enough other stuff to enhance the stars of the show and hold it all together. Also nice that it yields a party size dish.

No party planned? It actually does freeze and reheat {gently} quite well {one comment, “leftovers were even better”}.

While I was fairly true to the recipe I did make some minor changes based on personal preferences. Interestingly, the comments show many folks tweaked and yet it still turned out good. Seems if you follow the basics of the recipe you can adjust and improvise at will. Majority of ratings are 5 stars.



Oh, bad word, bad word, bad word

That very well may be your soliloquy when you right-now need the brown sugar only to discover it’s turned into something that would be right at home in the petrified forest. Let’s just say, Drat!

Here’s what has worked best for me to prevent the sugar from ever reaching that stage. It starts with a glass jar with a tight-fitting stopper.

Tuck a one-gallon freezer bag into the jar and transfer the sugar from its packaging into this bag. Don’t seal it but fold the open end over to completely cover the contents, and then lay a folded dampened paper towel on top of it.

Last, place a plastic sandwich bag over the top and tightly insert the stopper. Depending on how long the sugar is stored, you may need to occasionally replace the moist paper towel.

Now, if despite your best efforts the sugar goes all concrete anyway, there are ways to rescue it instead of tossing it. The link below will take you to google’s offerings, and other one is for our handy little Kindle booklet that includes storage tips.

Softening brown sugar  ♦  50 Ways, 99 cents


Welcome to my kitchen and living room

  In our 02.14.19 Salon, we talked about turning stale rye bread into croutons, as a topper for soup or salad, subsequently also posting that they could be popped atop seasoned sauerkraut or right into your mouth as a snack. Now Jamie Oliver has a sweet use for leftover rye – in easy chocolate cookies. That went onto my try-list right away. Btw, google says 100 grams is just over 3 1/2 oz.

  So, tried my own version of the pudding shots we featured in the 01.17.20 Salon. Here’s what’s layered in: caramel dip, chocolate pudding mixed with marshmallow vodka, repeat those two, then sour cream, chopped peanuts and chocolate sauce. If If I do say so myself . . .

  I recently heard some news on Food Network’s, “The Kitchen,” that unfortunately in general terms is not news to any of us. It has to do with how much the price of food has increased in the past 10 years. It’s the specific that inspires some gasps. 26% !!! Here’s one of the show’s episodes that focuses on budget-friendly dishes and shopping tips too. Here’s another.

This week’s

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