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  Here are some tasty encores from 2019 to make in 2020 

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Chocolate Filled Chocolate Chip Sandwich Bars  This was one of the dishes in Food & Wine’s “10 Ooey Gooey Desserts You Should Definitely Be Eating.” Got that right – so gooey rich, so gooey good.

‘Fessing up, I did use store-bought cookie dough. And btw, phooey on waiting for the bars to cool completely. They are beyond decadent when still a little warm and soft. Recipe

Ham & Egg & Cheese Breakfast Braid  The companionable ingredients of the filling are in the title. And they are tucked into a loaf made up of the dough from two cans of refrigerated crescent rolls.

The dough from one can is the base, and the dough from the other is angled over the top to  create an attractive braided design. After baking, a bit of parsley on the slices adds a decorative touch.

Great brunch dish! Btw, the egg treatment, with cream cheese, is also an interesting twist on scrambled eggs, good just as is. Recipe

Butter Basted Ribeye  If you’re going to indulge, might as well go for it. Butter and all! Food & Wine shows the way down this culinary path with its prep for this premiere cut {OK, in my opinion}.  Recipe

Confetti Cake  Thank you Food & Wine! Could this confection possibly be any more festive??? Fun for little kids, and big ones too.

And what make it even more fun is that its party perfect presentation remains a surprise until it’s cut. Dessert and decoration all in one!  Recipe

Chicken Parmesan Dip  Big and tasty! And that makes it a real cook pleaser and crowd pleaser.

Served with crostini for the get-together. It lived on as a sandwich on a bun, then thinned with a bit of V-8 for pasta sauce.

You could even leave out the chicken for a nice vegetarian dish. A Tasting Panel selection. Recipe Page  {05.24.19}

Ice Cream for breakfast  This is a multiple, but so popular with CS friends that we wanted to include it in our “tastiest” list. Pancakes and parfaits, cookies and cakes, and more all join the fun.  Recipes

Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread  This moist and flavorful loaf is just so moist and flavorful, a sweet treat for breakfast, snack or dessert. As it says in the intro: “Forget the pie crust and get all the flavors of fall . . .”

Scroll down at the recipe link past the Get Recipe button and there are the ingredients. Then past the arrow to see the directions.

One thing, mine needed a bit longer to bake {altitude?}  Recipe

Sweet Potato Sundae  Savory enough to serve as a side, rich enough to be dessert. It’s Jose Andres’ creation, just one of the awesome veggie-as-star dishes in his Vegetables Unleashed cookbook.

I topped it with a scoop of cream cheese instead of ice cream. Could also use sour cream even though it won’t exactly look like a scoop {or ice cream either once it hits the warm tater}. Recipe Page  {09.20.19}

Chalkboard cookies & chalk  All edible! This just could not be more fun and we have Trisha Yearwood to thank for that.

Through the alchemy of butter cookie dough, store-bought royal icing and black food coloring she replicated a child’s small chalkboard. Then, white candy melts transformed into “chalk” – that can actually write on the “chalkboards.” Genius!  Recipe

Note that another top fave, the chocolate chip cookie pie, can be accessed in conjunction with the “Comfort Foods Cookbook” item in our gift listing in the 12.20.19 Salon

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