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  This could be fun to work with. A recent article in the Washington Post, arriving in my mailbox via ProChef SmartBrief, points a virtual long lens scope at some ancient foods. Since they seem to be evolving into the present day spotlight you just might see them at your market. If you do, and want to play, you can read here how to do that.

  Came across this post from The Kitchn when I was looking for ways to use up my buttermilk. I didn’t actually use any, but maybe some Salon Friends out there might want to tap into some of these recipes. In fairness, it was their pancake suggestions that inspired the one I made with buttermilk mix, a My Week item in the 04.05.19 Salon.

  When you see a headline that starts “Don’t Love Cabbage?” you can guess some solutions will follow. It adds “You’re Probably Cooking it Wrong” – they do regard boiling as “bad,” but if you cook it with corned beef or smoked ham or Polish sausage, or a combo thereof along with some onions, carrots and potatoes, that’s pretty darn good. But here are definitely interesting variations of grilling, roasting, steaming and sauteing along with hints on embellishing the results.


One spice, three ways to get it, countless ways to use it

As if I weren’t already sufficiently intrigued by the dukkah {doo-ka} seasoning mix mentioned in the ancient foods item above in Tidbits, interest notched even higher when it almost immediately turned up in two other places. First was a recipe on the CIA site for American Lamb chops with pecan dukkah and salsa verde {shown}.

And second was in the “My Paris Kitchen” cookbook featured in the 03.22.19 Salon, a prep that started with sliced cauliflower florets, tossed with olive oil and s&p, baked in a single layer for 25 min at 425, stirred once in that time, then mixed with dukkah and roasted for an additional 15-20 min, or until seared and browned.

Dukkah, 1.6 Oz Glass JarBut as that article noted, this nut/seed/spice blend can “be used to season fish, poultry, meat, grains and vegetables. It also happens to be deliciously appealing on Instagram-famous dishes such as avocado toast, grain bowls and hummus.”

So how to put it in your pantry? You could make your own from the choices shown at the link below. You should be able to find it at Trader Joe’s and might be able to find it at a local grocery store or specialty store. Or you can order from a wide array of offerings on Amazon.

CIA recipe    Dukkah recipes on google    Dukkah on Amazon

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An American in Paris – with recipes!

This is an interesting cookbook. Author David Lebovitz spent 13 years at the  reveredMy Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories Chez Panisse in San Francisco, left to write food books, a memoir and blog, and then subsequently for reasons even he can’t quite explain moved to Paris.

His cooking is influenced, he says, by “where I’ve lived and where I am now . . . replete with aromatic flavors that rely on garlic, fresh herbs, juicy stone fruits, and earthy root vegetables, as well as lots of olive oil.” And chocolate! He says . . . “you’ll notice that I use in a lot of my desserts {Without apologies}” None needed!

In this book, “My Paris Kitchen,” you can certainly learn some tips and techniques from a French/ American perspective. Though not overly complicated, it may not be particularly suitable for a beginner.

May I suggest you read the more detailed description and reviews on Amazon. There you will also see that it’s rated 4 1/2 stars. Meanwhile our Featured Recipe, Chocolate Salted Caramel Tartlets from Lebovitz’ site, is actually fairly easy.

Recipe    “My Paris Kitchen”    Other Lebowitz food books 


Let’s be flaky!

Funny how you’ll see some food find, and then in short order come upon related items {just like the dukkah}. In this case the original reference was to the multiple uses for potato flakes discussed in a MyRecipes story we linked in the 03.29.19 Tidbits section.

The first find was in a back issue of Food & Wine, a recipe for Potato-Crusted Pork Schnitzel with Hot Pepper Mayonnaise. Next was a prep using the flakes in potato pancakes that I came across while on the AllRecipes site.

To take this a step further, tapped into the Idaho Potato site, entered “Potato flakes” recipes in the search box and 117 results popped up. If you want to take a look, be sure to use the quote marks as shown.

And in that listing, found the dish pictured here. It’s wow, yes, made with potato flakes! – Fudge Mocha Idaho Potato Cake, and you can find that recipe directly in the search.

F&W Schnitzel recipe  A/R Potato Pancakes recipe   Idaho Potato site


Welcome to my kitchen and living room

 Hmmmm. While I’m sure the dough in our Featured Recipe is quite delectable, maybe you don’t want to take the time or get the ingredients. One of my fast, favorite, crowd-pleasing recipes calls for baking the squares of refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough as is {no schmooshing} in mini muffin tins and then as soon as they come out sinking a Reese’s peanut butter cup into each {the ones you unwrap, not the smaller ones that come unwrapped}. Could this work here?

  After playing with a number of different methods for cooking a pork roast I’ve found what I like best is in fact a very simple prep. For about a 5 lb roast, rinse and pat dry, sprinkle generously with garlic salt and freshly ground pepper. Onto a rack, into a roaster pan, leave uncovered, 450 for 3o min, 375 for 2 hours or until it registers 170 {check before the 2 hr point}. Let stand at least 10 min.

 I recently came across a reference to Resurrection Rolls. Had you heard of them? I hadn’t so turned to google to see just what they are. AllRecipes gives us both a recipe and this back story: the sugar/cinnamon dusted marshmallows inside refrigerated crescent rolls disappear as the rolls bake, leaving a hollow shell, representing “the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning.” Their page includes a demo for this cook-rated 4 1/2 stars recipe.

So far next week: Shaking beef, stuff even better the second time around, another toast upgrade, sweet tv, Guinness donuts – made them !, there goes waste & here comes the gravy

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